Important Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioner

Posted on: July 11, 2014

When the summer starts heating up the last thing you want is a broken air conditioner. You can maintain your AC unit all year to help prevent break downs. An HVAC professional can do a routine AC inspection for your unit but there are several steps that you can take to ensure your air conditioner is running properly in between service checks.

Things You Can Do to Maintain Your AC Unit

  • Check your thermostat settings. A good temperature to start at during the summer is 78 degrees. It would be best to have a thermostat that you can program. You can set the temperature few degrees warmer when you are not home. This gives your air conditioner a break and keeps it from continuously running all day. It can also save you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Inspect your AC unit air filters monthly. ENERGY STAR® recommends that you replace your filter at least four times a year. A dirty air filter will slow the air flow and make your AC unit work harder to keep you cool. A clean air filter will also prevent dirt and dust from building up in your air conditioning system; this can prevent expensive repairs in the future. Make sure you do not run your system with the air filter removed.
  • Check to make sure that your supply and return vents are not covered by any furniture.
  • Make sure to keep your outdoor air conditioning unit clean. Also make sure that there is nothing blocking the air flow to it. It is recommended to check your AC unit after a storm to make sure debris is not in or covering your AC unit.
  • Keep trees and shrubbery at least two feet way from outdoor units, both on the sides and above. During the fall make sure the fan is free of leaves.
  • When you are not using your AC unit in the winter you can protect it with a fitted cover.
  • If you want to go above and beyond to maintain and protect your AC unit, shade the outdoor compressor. An awning will keep the unit five to six degrees cooler. If the unit is shaded properly it can be up to 10 times more efficient.

Professional AC Unit Maintenance Inspection in Florida

You should have your home air conditioning unit inspected by a trusted professional at least once a year. Make sure to get your money’s worth from your inspection but be wary of super low cost inspections. A trusted HVAC professional inspection will check all of the coils and compressor parts of your AC unit.

Before you take apart and clean your AC unit, make sure to check your owner’s manual for further and proper instructions. You can follow the simple tips above to keep your home air conditioner running as long as possible.

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