Ductless Air Conditioning

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No ductwork? No problem! Whether you live in an older home that does not have ductwork installed or you are looking for a way to heat and cool areas without ducts, ductless air conditioning system is an energy efficient cooling solution.

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How Do Ductless Systems Work?

A ductless air conditioning system works with a unit that sits in the outside of your home, like the traditional central air conditioning system, and a unit that is placed on a wall inside your home. These units are both more attractive and more efficient than a window unit air conditioner. The only space that needs to be made in your homes wall is the space for the electrical wires and refrigerant tubing to fit through. These wires and tubing connect the two units—helping to carry the cool or heated air through to your home.

The Advantages of a Ductless System

Besides the obvious advantage of not having to deal with ductwork, ductless systems offer many advantages to home owners:

  • If you are looking for a system that can heat and cool certain spaces only when needed, ductless systems offer touch of the button zoning. By installing two or more systems throughout your home, you can cool your living areas during the day, then just keep the bedrooms cool overnight.
  • Whether you choose to run multiple systems, or you just have one system, ductless systems can save you money through only heating and cooling certain areas during the day. No more heating and cooling every area in your home when you may only use half of your home at a time.
  • Because is no ductwork involved, ductless systems are much quieter. No need to turn the TV up just so you can hear over your air conditioner!
  • When looking at heating and cooling options, ductless systems offer the tightest security. There are no large holes in the wall and no vents that intruders can enter through—just a small hole for wires and piping.

These and many other advantages that make ductless systems a great choice when you are looking to heat and cool a home or commercial building.

Why Choose Arctic Air to Install Your Ductless Air Conditioning System?

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