Water Heater

Water Heaters

Options include electric, gas, or hybrid. All of these are possibilities and depend on

  1. The size of your household.
  2. The amount of room you have to install the water heater.
  3. What type of connections you currently have in place and whether you want to change the heating type or not.
  4. Finally, Tank or no tank.


Tankless water heaters have a higher initial cost to tank systems. However, they are more efficient than tank water heaters. Tank water heaters are constantly heating and reheating the water in the tank. It cools, and the heater will reheat the water. The reheating process means your electric bill may see significant savings because the electricity is not running constantly.

A significant benefit of a tankless system is the amount of space gained by not having to have a storage tank. Tankless systems hang on a wall feet off of the ground adding feet to your garage or closet! Here is how Navien explains their water heating systems.

Navien has advanced systems that are eco-friendly and efficient. Arctic Air Services is a Navien retailer and installer! Contact us about Navien tankless products.

This Old House listed Navien energy efficient water heater as part of their Energy Saving Products.


Tank Water Heaters come in various sizes. Water heaters can range from 23 – 56 gallons. To find out what size you should have, see the below table.

Household Size Gallon Capacity
1 – 2 30 - 40
2 – 4 40 - 50
3 – 5 or more 50 - higher

We carry any size of tank you may need.

We recommend having your tank maintenance yearly by flushing the tank. Flushing prevents clogging of the plumbing between the tank and kitchen and baths in your home.  Also, flushing prevents scaling on the heating elements making the water heater more efficient.

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