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4 Signs Your Electrical System Needs to Be Upgraded

You rely on electricity every day to run your home in Sarasota, Florida. Just as you maintain and upgrade your HVAC system, you should do the same with your electrical system, especially if you notice these signs or you have a system that is 20 years or older.

Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

Circuit breakers will trip or shut off if there’s an overload to the system. If you are running multiple large appliances on one circuit, chances are they will eventually trip. If the circuits continue to shut off under normal electrical load, then there is an issue with the whole system and an upgrade is necessary.

Evidence of Burning

If you smell burning coming from the electrical panel or see evidence of burning around the electrical outlets, this poses a serious fire threat. If you see sparks coming from an outlet, smell wires burning, see smoke from an outlet, the control panel, or appliances, call a professional immediately.

Flickering Lights

Do the lights in one part of your home flicker, but they don’t in other parts? Flickering lights are a potential sign that you don’t have enough amperage and the lights are drawing more electricity than the panel can provide. If this continues, eventually the strain on the electrical panel will cause serious issues. Upgrading your electrical panel before you have a major problem will give you peace of mind that your home is safe and you will have uninterrupted use of electricity.

The System Uses Fuses

Most older homes built before the 1970s use a fuse-based electrical system as opposed to circuit breakers. Fuses can’t be reset as a circuit breaker can. They either blow out or melt, which may result in a fire. If your home uses fuses, definitely give an electrician a call for an electrical upgrade.

If you notice any of the above signs, give our professional team at Arctic Air Services, Inc. a call today to schedule an electrical upgrade. We are happy to speak with you at (941) 757-8282.

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