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Nothing lasts forever, and plumbing pipes are no exception. Over time, pipes will eventually begin to corrode and leak, especially if those pipes are made from inferior materials or if they convey water with a very high mineral content. When repairs are no longer enough to resolve frequent pipe leaks and water pressure issues, repiping is the appropriate course of action. Arctic Air Home Services is prepared to help if you suspect that time has come for you.

Arctic Air Home Services can evaluate your home for free. For your complete home repipe estimate, give us a call at (941) 757-8282.

Signs You May Need to Repipe Your Home

It may be time to consider a complete home repipe from Arctic Air Home Services if:

  • Your home is more than 20 years old
  • You have had a pipe burst or frequent pipe leaks throughout your property
  • Your water pressure low in more than one fixture
  • You have noticed your washer takes longer to fill than ever before
  • You have rust colored water (this indicates that your pipes are corroded)

CPVC Pipe Installation in Sarasota

When you choose Arctic Air for your repipe job, one of our certified Sarasota plumbers will come to your home and carefully replace each pipe with Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipe.

CPVC piping offers many advantages, including:

  • CPVC plumbing does not corrode over time; it does not fail like copper or galvanized steel.
  • CPVC is resistant to crushing and is significantly more flexible than traditional PVC (although PVC is still used to replace drainpipes).
  • The added flexibility of CPVC contributes to the ease of installation for a faster install.
  • CPVC is a less expensive option than copper, which is more than double the cost of CPVC.

What Does a Repipe Cost & How Long Does it Take?

Overall costs for each project is dependent on the number of fixtures and rooms to be repiped. A whole house can take one to five working days, depending on the size of the project. Depending on the scope of the project you may be able to stay in the home while we repipe. The average size home in Florida will take just one day to repipe.

To request an estimate for repiping in Sarasota, call (941) 757-8282 or fill out our easy online form. We serve Sarasota County, Manatee County, and the surrounding areas.

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  • “Explained everything clearly and cleaned up the work area. Would most definitely recommend. Very courteous.”

    - Bryan L.
  • “My AC went out at 8 pm and it was up to 85 degrees in the house. Jarick came out to fix the system that night and was so friendly and professional and upbeat, even though he was there until after 10 pm!”

    - Brandon H.
  • “He arrives on time, observes safety precautions, solves the problem efficiently & makes it a point to be sure you understand & can use your A/C heating system in a cost-effective way.”

    - Judith G.
  • “During Hurricane Irma they actually brought a generator and portable A/C unit to my elderly parents' house who had been without power for almost a week. Never asked for compensation. Major kudos to this company for helping those in need!!”

    - Bev K.
  • “Casey, my technician, is awesome. He is very thorough and takes the time to explain everything. He is an excellent representative of this company!”

    - Wayne O.

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    We understand that most people don't plan for emergency home repairs. That's why we've partnered with Wells Fargo to offer you financing options when you need help most.

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