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Plumbing Maintenance Plans

When you have a piece of equipment, whether it’s a water tank, air conditioner or furnace, you want it to last a long time. That’s the way we feel about our customers; we want to build long-term relationships with you that stand the test of time.

At Arctic Air Home Services, we believe that offering plumbing maintenance agreements to keep your plumbing in top-notch working order is an excellent way to build those relationships. Your comfort is our No. 1 priority, and giving you peace of mind about your plumbing is just one more way to show we care.

Regular upkeep reduces water waste, protects against unforeseen problems and provides a safe environment for your family. Routine maintenance from our experienced, qualified plumbers can help you avoid the plumbing nightmares that many homeowners experience.

Plumbing Maintenance Agreements Save You Money

Most homeowners don’t think about the condition of their pipes; that is until one breaks, and you’re left wishing you had paid more attention. With a plumbing maintenance plan, our certified plumbers will catch problems early and fix them quickly, saving you the cost of an expensive repair you could have prevented. When you catch problems early, you also avoid potentially costly water damage to flooring, furniture and other belongings.

A Comprehensive Home Plumbing Inspection Keeps Your Plumbing Working Properly

When was the last time you thought about the water line from your refrigerator to the ice machine? How about your washing machine hose or shower drain? These are a few of the many areas in your home that can develop plumbing problems if left unchecked.

An annual plumbing inspection by our expert plumbers at Arctic Air Home Services helps identify problems before they become big and expensive. Following are some of the things we do as part of our home plumbing inspection:

  • Dye test toilet tanks for leaks
  • Perform water quality tests
  • Test faucets
  • Inspect drains
  • Clean and flush water heater

Plan for The Future with A Plumbing Maintenance Plan

As time goes on, it’s likely that your water tank, water heater and water fixtures, and at least some of your piping, will need to be upgraded or replaced. A maintenance plan from Arctic Air Home Services provides you with a written history of the condition of your plumbing equipment and pipes; this helps you pinpoint when it’s time to start considering replacement. Rather than being hit with an unexpected outlay of cash, you can control your budget by planning for future expenses.

Early discovery of leaks or clogs can save you hassles and headaches down the road. Don’t spend another minute worrying about what might be going on inside your pipes.

Call us today to learn more about our plumbing maintenance agreements and home plumbing inspection!

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  • “During Hurricane Irma they actually brought a generator and portable A/C unit to my elderly parents' house who had been without power for almost a week. Never asked for compensation. Major kudos to this company for helping those in need!!” - Bev K.
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